Senior Level Recruitment

Our vision and values

We're a modern social enterprise providing high quality homes and care to help people live better. We're clear about our values and what we're here to do because that helps all of us to stay focused on our purpose.

There are four key ideas central to our work:

  1. Helping people and communities is at the heart of all we do.
  2. Our profits pay for new homes and improve people's lives.
  3. The changing landscape means changing how we work.
  4. We think our values and vision are right for the times.

The core values that describe how we work are:

  • high quality, cost effective services 
  • working with neighbourhoods to meet their aspirations
  • quality design and delivery of homes and services
  • creative partnerships dedicated to delivering results
  • professional, innovative and forward thinking
  • valuing and respecting others; rewarding, recognising and celebrating achievements
  • customer focused, responsible and accountable.

To help us deliver these values to a high standard and to achieve our mission, we expect our staff to follow our five core behaviours. They are:

  • collaboration
  • ambition
  • respect
  • excellence
  • engagement.
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